The CCD Gallery 

Market life

Hand painted and designed Men's tee.

Looking good in her wearable art.

Chandra working her booth.

Bobbi hanging out in the booth.

Do it with passion or not at all.

Girl Power event at the HSF, NY.

Hand painted and designed shoes.

Hester Street Fair, NYC.

Hand painted and designed gifts.

Fur flats.

Chandra showcasing her work.

Yassss, she rocks.

Customer rocking her CCD gear.

In Crystal City.

Customer rocking her cut design with screen print image.

Market SW evening Friday event.

Custom shoes!

Men love wearable art too.

our brand ambassador Ms. M'sa rocking her custom hat.

Customer rocking her hand painted and designed tote.

Customer rocking her special gift.

Vendors, models, VIP's oh my!

Customer with her new purchase.

Our custom t-shirts sold in the Air Kinetix store in Manassas Mall.

Booth in Silver Spring, MD.

Customer at the SW Farmers Market in DC rocking our custom straw bag.

Thank you for letting me create something special for you.

M'sa in Africa rocking our products from head to toe.

Customer with her new purchase.

Advertisement for Capital Hill location in DC.

Hand painted and designed journal.

Customer modeling a unique cut designed hand painted tee.

Original abstract artwork by Chandra Clark.

Hand painted and designed shoes for the Queen of DC Blues Ms. Carly Harvey.

Customer comment about her order.

Chandra with models at a community day event in Alexandria, VA

Our model in the PTO fashion show.

Chandra at her table at the Taste of the Runway event in DC.

Chandra at her booth in DC at the Art Rave.

In Maryland at a music festival.

Booth at the Manassas African American Heritage Festival.

Chandra assisting customer at her table in Philly.

Booth in DC in 14th and U Street area.

Booth at the Crystal City Crafts Market on Crystal Drive in Virginia.

Hand painted and designed sneakers and shoes.

Hand painted and designed boots and flats.

In Philly.

In Philly.